Community & Charity Funding

Supporting projects that benefit students and the wider community

If your academy or MAT is looking to fund a project that has benefits for both the student body and wider community, then a community or charity grant might be a potential source of funding.

There are several different sources you can apply to for community funding, The National Lottery, private companies wanting to engage with the community and charities relevant to your project. And despite austerity local authorities are still putting aside some funding for community funding to support projects that will have a positive effect in their area.

Typical projects for community and charity funding grants are:

  • After-school clubs
  • Sports equipment and facilities
  • Special Educational Needs and disability
  • Conservation and recycling
  • Gardens and allotments
  • Community engagement (eg inter-generational projects)

At S2e we can help you source the right channel of community and charity funding and with our experience put together a bid which will have the greatest chance of success.

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