MAT & Academy Operating Leases

A flexible way to fund expansion

With the twin pressures of tightening budgets and the constant pressure to improve standards in the classroom, operating leases are a popular way for academies and MATs to fund investment without having to find capital.

Put simply, operating leases enable an academy to pay a rental fee to hire an asset, e.g. a modular classroom block, over a period of time without having to borrow money to pay for it.

Operating leases are often cheaper in the short term but ultimately cost more than buying the asset outright.

There are other key benefits:

  • Costs can be spread
  • Repairs & maintenance are normally the responsibility of the lessor
  • Assets can be returned or upgraded at the end of the lease period

At S2e we can help you access private funding through operating leases. For more information please call 01530 276127 or email