MAT & Academy Mechanical and Electrical Drawings

A fully integrated part of our capital projects delivery service

Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) drawings are an essential component of a fully integrated architectural design and capital projects delivery service.

They incorporate the layout & installation of all mechanical and electrical systems in the building project, such as (mechanical) air conditioning, heating and plumbing and (electrical) lighting, fire alarms and security systems.

At S2e our skilled technicians produce 2D and 3D M&E CAD plans and will examine the following core areas for the proposed building work:

  • Capital cost
  • Running costs
  • Replacement cost
  • Plant space
  • Maintenance
  • Efficiency
  • Noise, appearance and interference

For more information on M&E drawings and our architectural design and capital projects delivery service, please call 01530 276127 or email