MAT & Academy Space Utilisation Surveys & Suitability Assessments

Develop spatial awareness to future-proof your academy

The quality of learning and teaching spaces is an essential part of inspiring students to learn and driving school improvement.

Unfortunately, much school infrastructure is now outdated, designed to meet the needs of a past generation without consideration for technological developments and community expansion.

In order to transform your academy or MAT, a space utilisation survey is a good method through which to understand whether your existing space is being used appropriately, document when pinch points occur, and determine what your future needs will be.

The data from a space utilisation survey can be used to:

  • Assess space capacity and suitability for learning
  • Enable strategic decision making
  • Plan expansion projects
  • Leverage physical spaces for revenue generation

S2e’s team of qualified chartered surveyors are expert in producing space utilisation surveys for the academy sector based on years of experience and a successful track record of delivery

For more information on our space utilisation surveys and suitability assessments and how we can support your academy or MAT, please call 01530 276127 or email