MAT & Academy Condition Surveys

Unlock your academies potential

The purpose of a condition survey is to build a complete picture of your MAT or academy’s material state, identifying those premises in need of improvement and ranking deficiencies and maintenance issues.

It also provides crucial documentary evidence when prioritising its Schools Condition Allocations (SCA), or for an Academy in support of its applications for a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) grant.

Through sheer tenacity, S2e have resolved some long standing building condition issues for our academy.
— Robina Garner, Business Manager, Mark Rutherford School Trust

Using the latest mobile assessment technology, our team of qualified chartered building surveyors will provide objective information about the condition of your premises, using a common grading system to enable fair comparison across sites and allow effective ordering.

A condition survey includes:

  • A description and narrative of findings,
  • Clear condition grades of individual premises within the estate,
  • Recommendations for remedial works or replacements,
  • Full costings
  • Identification of associated risks and priorities,
  • Information about other benefits such as energy savings,

For more information on our condition surveys and how we can support your academy or MAT, please call 01530 276127 or email