2019-20 CIF bid applications

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

This year Surveyors to Education (S2e) won over £27m of Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) for our multi-academy trust (MAT) and academy clients, making us the UKs most successful independent CIF funding consultancy.

If you are planning a CIF bid to replace or improve your roofs, classrooms, boilers or other buildings and facilities, and want the best chance of success - we would love to help!

Who is eligible?

If you work in a single academy or a small MAT, with fewer than five academies and 3,000 students, you are eligible for the 2019-20 CIF fund. If larger than that you will be in receipt of formulaic funding, such as the School Condition Allocation (SCA).

CIF deadline dates

If previous years are a guide, the closing date for the next round of funding applications, via the CIF portal, is likely to be in mid-December 2018. Full guidance is expected in mid-October 2018.

If you are applying to the CIF for the first time, you will also have to register on the portal by a date yet to be announced by the DfE, but probably in late November.

Why is a condition survey important for my CIF application?

Last year the CIF fund was four times over-subscribed. Therefore, only those applications demonstrating a strong need which closely aligns with CIF priorities are likely to be successful.

Therefore, applications must be backed up by compelling evidence, including a condition survey prepared by professional Chartered Building Surveyors who are familiar with those priorities.

What is a condition survey?

A condition survey is a complete picture of your MAT or academy’s material state, identifying what needs improving and prioritising deficiencies and maintenance issues.

A condition survey is carried out by qualified surveyors and provides professional information about the condition of your premises, including:

  • A description and narrative of findings

  • Clear condition grades of individual premises within the estate

  • Identification of associated risks and priorities

  • Recommendations for remedial works or replacements and their costings

  • Information about other benefits, for example energy savings

Unlocking your MAT or academy’s potential

A successful CIF bid could unlock a significant amount of funding to transform part of your MAT or academy’s estate and create a safer, more conducive learning environment for students.

For more information about getting a condition survey to support a successful CIF bid, contact Surveyors to Education on 01530 276127 or email enquire@s2e.org.uk.