MAT and academy due diligence surveys

Understand the condition and liabilities of a new Academy before it joins a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).


Over the coming months and years MATs will undoubtedly come under increasing pressure to absorb underperforming schools and academies.

While it makes sense to help a failing school make the transition to academy status, it could lead a MAT into taking on unforeseen liabilities along with an expansion of its estate.

Just as a company carries out due diligence checks on the accounts of a potential acquisition, the board of a MAT should also be auditing the physical and organisational assets, and liabilities of a sponsored school at the start of the conversion process.

A full due diligence premises survey is a necessary pre-requisite to ensure there are no lurking health and safety issues down the line but on a positive note, identifying condition inadequacies could open additional funding opportunities from central government and help you prioritise your current resources.

When taking on the management of a new academy’s premises you take responsibility for a whole raft of surveys and assessments: condition surveys, fire risk assessments, energy efficiency surveys and space utilisation and suitability assessments to name but a few.

There are also a number of key areas a due diligence survey should cover:

  • Condition Surveying
  • Site Plan Inspection
  • Health and Safety/Equipment Assessment
  • Safeguarding and Security Assessment
  • Planning Regulation Compliance
  • Lease Obligations

Surveyors to Education

Surveyors to Education (S2e) offers a specialist surveying service to the MAT and academy sector. We have experience carrying out due diligence surveys for MATs or single academies.

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