Fire risk assessments for academies and MATs


Since the Grenfell Tower fire there has been a greater awareness of the danger of fire in public buildings and the importance of avoiding a similar tragedy.

However, fires are regular occurrences in our schools and academies; each year there an estimated 1400 and 1800 fires in UK schools.

This represents a serious threat to the safety of students and staff, but also millions of pounds in damage and lost education.

What the law requires

Governing bodies and principals are legally responsible for ensuring that adequate systems are in place to reduce the risk of fire. The first and most important step to take to improve fire safety in your academy is to carry out a fire risk assessment.

In fact, the 1997 Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations (amended 1999 & 2003) and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires all academies and MATs to carry out an assessment of workplaces within their responsibility.

It’s also good practice to review your fire risk assessment at least annually and whenever a major change has occurred within your academy, either to its population, material state or procedures.

S2e: helping to reduce the risk of fire in your academy

Surveyors to Education offers a fire risk assessment service for MATs and academies to determine the risk of fire to employees, pupils, contractors and visitors on the premises. It also identifies potential dangers and recommends measures to remove or manage them.

Our fire risk assessments cover:

  • Fire evacuation routes and signage
  • First aid fire safety equipment including fixings and signage
  • Fire alarm - raising the alarm and records of tests
  • Emergency lighting, records of test and operation
  • Occupier fire safety checks and records
  • Fire evacuation – procedures and records of evacuation and assembly
  • Fire exits – obstructions and operation
  • Storage of hazardous materials

We provide a written report identifying significant findings and key observations. The report also details recommendations on areas where necessary or immediate improvements are needed.

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