How to apply for sugar tax funding for your academy’s sports facilities

Money levied from the soft drinks industry will soon be available for academies to improve sports facilities and promote healthy living.

Academies will need to carry out sports facility assessments to apply for some of this sugar-based windfall.

The Soft Drinks Industry Levy

Last year, the UK Government announced that its Soft Drinks Industry Levy would come into force in 2018. The levy will tax the soft drinks industry on any product with a sugar content over 5g per 100ml.

The measure is part of a strategy to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle amongst young people in order to tackle rising rates of obesity and type two diabetes.

The levy is expected to raise around £520 million a year and in England it will be targeted at improving health and fitness of children in primary schools.

What can the Sugar Tax be used for?

The government has allocated money from the levy specifically for:

  • Sports facilities, including pitches, sports halls, gymnasiums and multi-use games areas
  • Changing facilities
  • Playgrounds
  • Kitchens and dining facilities
  • Benefits for your academy

Not only can MATs and academies offer children better sports facilities and extra-curricular activities but they could generate revenue by offering evening and weekend use to the wider community.

How to apply for sugar tax funding for your academy’s sports facilities

Sugar Tax money will be available through the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund (HPCF) and academies will be able to apply through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for project funding.

Academies wanting to improve facilities through the HPCF must include a sports facility assessment as part of their application.

Condition Improvement Fund criteria will apply to the HPCF, so large MATs will automatically be allocated HPCF funding.

S2e supports successful funding applications

S2e’s team of experienced chartered building surveyors will deliver a comprehensive assessment of current sports facilities and provide on-going support with HPCF applications, design and planning, contractor selection and project management.

For more information on our sports facility assessment and how we can help your academy successfully apply for sports funding, call 01530 276127 or email