How to develop the optimum learning environment for your pupils

S2e can help wherever you are on your estates journey

At Surveyors to Education (S2e), we work hand in hand with academy and MAT clients to help them develop the optimum learning environment for their pupils, no matter where they are on their estates journey.

Our focused approach on delivering results for our clients is centered around the guiding principles of the ESFA’s Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS).

GEMS is placed at the heart of all the services that we provide.

Whether you are a single academy or large MAT, we have identified 6 common areas of activity that once fulfilled, will create an estate infrastructure that is safe, secure and fit for learning, thereby raising standards in the classroom.

These areas are detailed below:

How to develop the optimum learning environment for your pupils

1. Estate Vision & Strategy

An essential step in understanding how your buildings can be adapted and extended to develop the optimum learning environment for your pupils and raising levels of attainment.

2. Statutory Compliance & Maintenance

The identification of statutory compliance liabilities and provision of ongoing maintenance support is key to protecting the safety of pupils, staff and visitors.

3. Building Condition Surveys

Knowing the current condition of your estate will guide how you prioritise SCA allocations, apply for CIF funding or understand a MATs liabilities when taking on a new school.

4. Space Utilisation & Capacity Planning

Understanding future capacity needs and how efficiently existing spaces are being used is critical to determine capital project and funding requirements.

5. Funding & Bid Writing

Whether winning CIF funding or prioritising your SCA allocation, obtaining and commissioning capital funding is key to developing the optimum learning environment for your pupils.

6. Capital Projects Delivery

Experienced project management and careful cost planning will ensure resources are used to maximum effect and that desired outcomes are achieved on time and budget.

The UK’s most successful CIF funding consultancy

Since our formation we have developed many long standing relationships with our clients and to date have successfully delivered over 700 capital projects. Last year we secured over £27m of Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) for our academy clients, a success rate of over 90%, making us the UKs most successful CIF funding consultancy.

All of which have given Surveyors to Education great experience in making sure that we are able to not only secure you the relevant funding needed for any upcoming project but also deliver these projects from start to finish, on time and in full, time and time again.

At S2e we passionately believe that we are on a premises journey together with our clients and if you would like to talk to us about any upcoming projects or funding bids, regardless of where you are on your estates journey, then please contact Surveyors to Education on 01530 276127 or email