Develop spatial awareness to future-proof your academy

Space utilisation survey

We should be proud of the fact that basic education has been compulsory in the UK since 1880. Unfortunately, too much school infrastructure still dates back to that wave of Victorian enthusiasm for public education and academies have inherited premises designed to meet the needs of past generations of student.

And yet, the quality of teaching and learning spaces is an important contributing factor towards the student experience, with implications for academic outcomes. 

The first step to improving that experience is to develop a sense of spatial awareness; finding out how each space is being used, when overcrowding or underuse occur and what your future needs will be. For this, you need to carry out a space utilisation survey.

How the survey is done

Over a set period, surveyors carry out headcounts of pupils and staff in every space to assess how efficiently it is being used over time. Numbers are analysed, along with timetabled group sizes and floor area, in order to identify where and when spaces become crowded or underused.

The resulting report identifies immediate and mid-term gains, while providing crucial evidence to support bids to fund longer term building projects.

Benefits of a space utilization survey

The data collated in a survey gives an academy or MAT management team the information needed to optimise current facilities and plan for the future:

  • Strategic decision-making to rationalise premises use.
  • Revenue optimisation by leveraging your academy’s physical resources for better day to day revenue generation.
  • Assessing capacity and suitability to review the quantity and quality of the learning experience in teaching and non-teaching spaces.
  • Planning expansion projects to allow popular and successful academies to meet the demands of the local community with additional buildings and facilities

S2e: a track record in successful funding applications

Surveyors2education has expertise in producing space utilization surveys for the academy sector based on years of experience and a successful track record.

We also offer support for funding applications and the design, planning, contractor selection and project management of infrastructure developments. To arrange a space utilization survey for your academy, email or call 01530 276127.