What is Good Estate Management for Schools?

Good Estate Management for Schools - a brief guide

Good Estate Management for Schools - a brief guide

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The Department for Education (DfE) in conjunction with the Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), have published the Good Estate Management (GEM) toolkit to help schools, academies and multi academy trusts in managing their estates more efficiently and effectively.

This eBook is aimed at anyone working within a school, academy or trust that has responsibility in overseeing their estate and would like to understand a bit more about what the GEM fundamentals are and how they could be used to run their premises more efficiently. The eBook will cover the following aspects of GEM:

Vision and Strategy Setting

To ensure that educational needs and objectives are supported, its important to have a clear vision and strategy from the outset.

Asset Management and Development Plans

The asset management and development plans are the documents that will set out the actions and processes required to achieve your strategy.

Estate Management

The buildings that make up the estate are a valuable long-term asset and such they should well maintained and looked after.

Capital Projects

Capital projects are used to help maintain or improve a school or academy assets. They would usually meet the following criteria: a new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement of existing infrastructure.

Health, Safety & Compliance

All schools and academies need to ensure that they comply with current health and safety legislation as well as having a duty of care to their pupils and employees using the premises daily.

Budgeting Procurement and Performance

To support the management of the school or academy there will need to be a series of processes and procedures in place that cover the whole estate.

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