Know thyself: Why a measured survey is a solid foundation for academy growth

The adage “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it” is well known in business circles, emphasising the need for measureable outcomes to judge progress by.

However, the maxim is just as valid for assets, not least premises. How can you optimise potential if you don’t know what you have, or plan for the future if you don’t know where you’re starting from? That’s why an accurate measured survey should be a priority for any property manager.

What is a measured survey?

A measured survey is the accurate representation of a building, inside and out, showing the position and dimensions of all key structural elements and architectural features.

A measured survey is represented as a 2-dimensional set of floor plans to scale.

How is a measured survey done?

Standards for measured surveys are set by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), so firstly you need a team of qualified surveyors with the right equipment (laser measures, a clipboard and lots of pens).

S2e employ mobile tablet-based surveying software for improved accuracy and work systematically around a building, taking measurements to produce accurate data for the pictorial representation. Measured surveys typically include:

  • Floor layouts
  • Room sizes
  • Block plans
  • Window and door positions
  • How do I use a measured survey?

A measured survey allows you to think strategically, to leverage your current resources and plan for future capacity and maintenance needs. It also acts as the foundation over which other surveys and assessments are overlaid, for example:

  • Condition survey reports
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Space utilisation plans
  • Security assessments
  • ICT and electrical plans
  • Fire evacuation strategies
  • Timetabling and wayfinding

Whether you’re applying for a Condition Improvement Fund grant, planning an extension to a building or complying with fire regulations by displaying accurate floor plans beside alarm panels, a measured survey is your start point.

Your next step towards an accurate measured survey

Surveyors to Education has expertise in producing measured surveys for the academy sector based on years of experience and a successful track record. To arrange a measured survey for your academy, contact S2e, call 01530 276127 or email