The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust

Working together to prioritise premises expenditure and improvement

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By Graham Hayes, Estates and Facilities Business Partner, Diocese of Coventry

"I particularly like working with them because they are so open and willing to listen"

Issue to address

Coventry Diocese is a fast growing MAT; when I joined in 2017 there were 12 academies, currently there are 16 and we expect to be 20 in the near future. 

We were struggling to understand the material state of the new academies, as we had very little condition data, and it was almost impossible to prioritise funding through the School Condition Allocation (SCA) across the estate. 

We needed to undertake condition surveys be able to identify those
schools in need of significant improvement and prioritise deficiencies and maintenance issues.

Working together

Introduced to me by our Operations Manager, S2e were initially invited to undertake a select number of trial condition surveys across the estate using their iPad based software.

By integrating their system with ours, we were able to transfer information quickly and easily between us. We then worked together to develop a report using outputs from the condition
surveys that made sense and allowed comparison across the estate. 

The condition survey reports were then standardised and S2e have undertaken condition surveys for the remaining academies.

The Outcome 

After 6 months of working with S2e, we now have a firm understanding of the condition of all of our academies’ premises.

Working with S2e, we have developed a template incorporating survey data from different sources to help us make comparisons between academies.

Using this standardised template, we can understand where remedial works are required as well as their associated risks and priorities and can effectively prioritise funds across the estate.

We look forward to the next stage of our premises journey working together to improve the condition of our MAT estate.

"We are on a premises journey together."

Graham Hayes, Estates and Facilities Business Partner, Diocese of Coventry 

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