Mark Rutherford School

A premises partnership built on trust and reliability


By Robbie Garner, SBM Mark Rutherford School

“We are delighted with S2e, they do all the legwork which makes it very attractive to SBM’s who don’t have any spare time. They are a lifeline. They create capacity that I don’t have.”

Issues to address

As a large secondary school comprising 5 blocks that had experienced neglect during its time as a local authority school, there were many condition issues building up within our premises.

Our roofing issues were well known throughout the school by all members of staff, as we often had to re-room lessons while they were happening if it started to rain heavily! The school also suffered from an old boiler, windows that need replacing and an out of date fire alarm.

Projects completed

We were unable to pay for all of the improvements that needed to be made and, although I was aware of CIF, because of a previous bid attempt, I knew how much time the process could take.

It was then that S2e were recommended to me. We have now worked with S2e for 4 years, and, during that time, we have benefitted from; a heating upgrade including a new boiler, all of our roofs have been mended as well as most of our priority windows and, we are currently in the process of upgrading the fire alarm.

The Outcome

Working with Richard Coe and S2e has changed the school incredibly. We can now concentrate on delivering education. They are specialists and so reliable, I couldn’t do without them.

Now that the last condition issue is in progress, we can change our focus to improving the facilities that we have. Our next project will be expansion.

We are looking forward to taking this next, positive step rather than focusing our efforts on putting right what was wrong.

“Richard is always happy to help. If we have building questions when he is on site, he helps us with those. It’s an invaluable relationship that we have with S2e. We can now concentrate on delivering education.”

Robbie Garner, SBM, Mark Rutherford School

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