Sources of Capital Funding eBook

Sources of Capital Funding eBook Guide

Sources of Capital Funding eBook Guide

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This Sources of Capital Funding eBook is aimed at academy and school leaders who would like to understand more about the sources of capital funding available to them, and how to successfully access these funds within the allocated timelines.

With increasing capacity needs, coupled with technology advances and budget constraints, it is now more challenging than ever for academies, MATs and schools to find the funds to both maintain their premises and develop an optimum learning environment for their pupils.

In this eBook we cover the following types of funding:

School Condition Allocation (SCA)

MATs with at least 5 academies and/or more than 3,000 pupils are given an SCA that is used to keep academy buildings in good condition.

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

Smaller academy trusts, MATs and sixth form colleges can apply for the CIF fund, which is centred around addressing significant condition needs and a small proportion of expansion projects.

Capacity Trust Fund (TCaF)

The Department of Education (DfE) introduced the TCaF in July 2019 to support MATs to grow and accelerate their development.

School Nurseries Capital Fund (SNCF)

The SNCF was created to ensure disadvantaged children get access to a higher quality early years education. Schools can bid for the capital to build a new or an extension of a current nursery.


Salix Energy Efficiency Funding is available for academies, MATs, free schools and sixth form colleges to allocate to projects that are focused on improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy bills.

T-Level Funding

T-level funding was introduced to support schools, academies and sixth form colleges in delivering a new technical study programme to follow GCSEs from September 2020.

Section 106

Any academy, trust or school looking to secure additional capital, can apply for Section 106 Funding to support their services when housing growth places additional pressure on them.

Other funds

In addition, there are several alternative funding options to provide MATs, academies and schools with capital for school placements, urgent building conditions issues, operating leases and enterprise grants to help economic growth and job creation in local areas.

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