Bosworth Academy

The extent of the glazing work required was huge but S2e took it in their stride and secured us over £2m for the projects
— Sarah Mayes, Business Manager Bosworth Academy
Bosworth Academy - click on the image to download the full case study

Bosworth Academy - click on the image to download the full case study

Issues to address

Bosworth Academy was built with a large glass perimeter around the whole building. The windows were single glazed and were used extensively throughout the school meaning that not only was the school extremely energy inefficient but teaching conditions were often unbearable. Too hot in the summer as the glass acted like a greenhouse and too cold in the winter as the single glazing didn’t retain much heat.

Working together

S2e have worked with us for the past 5 years to ensure that all the old windows were replaced. Due to the size of the project it was necessary to look at a phased approach to replacement as it was simply not feasible to replace all the windows in one go. The S2e team came up with a plan that ensured that we tackled the worst areas first and ensured that they secured funding yearly to continue to work through the remaining windows and doors.

The Outcome 

A total of £2m has been secured to date by S2e to help us fund the window replacement project and what a change it has made to our school already! The new windows and doors are far more energy efficient so will help us save circa 20% off our energy bills and extreme temperature changes are a thing of the past. S2e continue to work with us to ensure the last few windows are finally replaced –we couldn’t have done this without them!

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