Holyhead School

To help us realise our ambitions, S2e secured a substantial amount of funding from 3 separate routes, enabling us to successfully increase pupil capacity and maintain our outstanding teaching rating.
— Harinder Sidhu, Associate Vice Principal Holyhead School
Holyhead School - click on the image to download the full case study

Holyhead School - click on the image to download the full case study

Issues to address

Over the years we had amassed 12 temporary blocks which were not only taking up valuable playing space but were also costing us a lot to lease every year. Additionally we were not able to offer sixth form options at the school as we did not have enough space or funds to do so. We also had a variety of maintenance jobs that required investment and were struggling to see how we could fund everything.

Working together

S2e were able to secure funding to complete all the key projects from 3 different sources. The 12 temporary classrooms were no longer needed as these were replaced with 4 much larger buildings that were able to hold additional capacity. This in turn resulted in giving back the school some much needed field space. We now also have a new sixth form block, a much bigger carpark and our windows, roof and electrics have been replaced.

The Outcome 

At the start of our journey together we couldn’t work out how we were going to raise all the money we needed to realise our plans. S2e were able to raise over £5m and project manage two really big builds whilst ensuring that the impact on our pupils was minimal and delivering on all our other planned maintenance projects. A job really well done and they have helped us truly transform our school.

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